At some point in our lives each of us becomes aware that we are only going to live for a finite period of time, and that something worthwhile should be left behind. Many leave their imprint through their children. Some pass on their ideas by teaching, the most noble of professions. Those of us who feel the creative compulsion leave our works as a legacy to future generations to enhance the lives of many whom we will never be privileged to know. This album is a personal contribution to that legacy.
    An ideal song, whether by Beethoven or Billy Joel, finds you singing along without realizing it. The tune lodges itself in your unconscious mind along with the amount of toothpaste required on your toothbrush and which sock should go on first.

All songs were written and performed on piano, vocals, tenor recorder,
soprano recorder, and guitar by Steven Jon Kaplan.

Produced by Michael C. Somoracki of Prescription Recording, Belleville, NJ.
Mastered by Gordon Prokap at AVMS, West Paterson, NJ.
Piano recorded at the home of Nathan & Nancy Sambul.

This album is dedicated to David Hogan,
my music composition teacher, who died on Flight 800.

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